"Begin your journey inwards, come home to yourself, and believe you already have what it takes."

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We have a range of business programs to choose from depending on the journey you’re in. Our intent is to help ease the business planning, development, and management processes to get things going.

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Welcome to The Elite SHEeo Lounge where you'll work side by side with The SHEeo Maine Uy—the business partner and mentor you need to help you stay on track, manifest growth, and bring about the success of your business.

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They say you're only as good as the people you surround yourself with better do it with a community of goal-getter SHEeos like you.

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I joined the SHEeo Masterclass a year ago and joined two programs during the pandemic. I learned a lot of useful digital marketing and social media tips and advice from my fellow SHEeos, especially now that most businesses are shifting online. The transition from a physical gym to an online platform wasn’t easy at all, but the Business Programs and its members truly made it less difficult. I love how everyone is engaged and you can just ask for everyone’s insights!

Bea Gonzales, SHEeo of Habitat Fitness

Coupled with Maine’s experience in her field, the Tell-All Masterclass gives you direction, sharpens your vision and helps you understand the fundamental processes you need to launch your business successfully with such great style that is inherently your own.

Dra. Bea Dominguez, SHEeo of Bespoke Orthodontics

Maine has the right experiences and skills that all women must possess if they want to be a SHEeo. I’m so grateful for sharing her knowledge and even her trade secrets! That’s the real definition of being empowered!

Shelly Macatangay, SHEeo of Hiraya Jewelry

I learned A LOT all the while keeping it super casual. I felt like I was just talking to a bunch of my friends who were on the same page as me. Learning from each other and growing together.

Shane Velasco, SHEeo of Koda & Co.

What I love the most about The SHEeo Society is how we're grounded on authenticity. The skills and network are just a bonus but what you can't truly find anywhere else is how they encourage you to face your inner self (failures and insecurities included). It's been a safe space for me to learn and unlearn things and feel empowered with the unique identity I already have. Grateful to be journeying with these amazing women who push you to find meaning in every stage you're in.

Lerizze Dizon, SHEeo of PYUR Tea

The key to a lasting business is to begin within.

Embrace your emotions and vulnerabilities, turn them into your strengths, and create an intentional brand of your own with our tasteful brand expertise and intuitive business planning methods.

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