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On Building Her – Brand Champion Module ✨

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ON BUILDING HER  a short course on how to build your brand champion’s avatar to set the course of your brand and start designing high-value intentional products and services and create digital content for her. 

The goal is to let you define your target market very well with a very detailed profiling method that will help you understand and gain more insights about your brand champion so you can curate and create relatable content and design products/services for her.

Remember, SHEeo, when your message is clear, you get to target the right audience. And when the right audience is targeted, you make a sale!

We're sharing all our profiling methods to you! Ain't that great?


  • On Building Her Short Course Access
  • 30 Minute Clarity Call with The SHEeo Sharmaine Ann Uy
  • 9 Page Downloadable On Building Her Worksheet


  • The SHEeo Slambook – Brand Champion Edition Questionnaire
  • Day in Her Life – Week Planner and Scheduler
  • In her mind — Values Mapping + Table of Content Worksheet
  • On Building Her – Elevated Creative Visualization Activity