The SHEeo Society

The Tell-All Group Masterclass Individual 💫

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This a party for SHEeos like you, so bring your champagnes, will you?  💫

Group Masterclass Outline:

Clarity Module (Self Work)
Part 1 – The Elements of Branding
On Building Her Worksheet (Self Work)
Part 2 – Getting the Right Mix
Part 3 – Starting it All Up
 You can do it anytime anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and the drive for success!  💫


  • 3 Hour Group Masterclass Session
  • Self Work Modules: Clarity Module + On Building Her Worksheet
  • Tell-All E-Handbook (PDF to be sent to your email)
  • Tell-All Masterclass Course Certificate
  • Tell-All Branding Template
  • Lifetime Membership of The SHEeo Society (Members Only Facebook Group for SHEeos)
  • Online Resources and Library
  • Masterclass Freebies (to be sent via mail to you)
  • Coupons and Exclusive SHEeo Partner Discounts to finally launch your brand

READ THIS BEFORE PURCHASE: We have to fill up at least 2 SHEeos for the sessions to push through.