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Club Memberships

Here's what you'll get when you avail our Club Memberships:

  • A community of like-minded SHEeos to add into your network
  • Members-Only Facebook Group and Telegram to Network with your fellow SHEeos
  • Club Business Clarity Group Sessions with The SHEeo Sharmaine Uy via Zoom
  • Coffee & Convo Catch-Ups to check on your progress and learn from your fellow SHEeos
  • Webinars and Workshops to further your SHEeo skills
  • Prompts and affirmation posts to keep you going 
  • Subscription to the monthly members exclusive The SHEeo Digest and Syllabus
  • Exclusive access to the Virtual Clubhouse
  • High-Value Welcome kit that includes Clarity Module and 30 mins Clarity Call with the SHEeo Sharmaine Uy

And who knows what more? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!


    The SHEeo Society gave me the confidence and push I needed to grow and elevate. I’ve always second guessed myself when it comes to following my dreams and taking a leap, but Maine and my fellow SHEeos have given me nothing but support.

    Lia Nunez, SHEeo of Shop Scrunched Up

    This club truly lives up to what they say it is — a safe space for women.

    Wynonah Duban, SHEeo of Lab Lacquer

    I’m amazed how impactful my co-SHEeos are.

    Aina Lizarondo, SHEeo of Style Board MNL

    Being part of the SHEeo Society made me more confident, made me more intelligent with decisions, and I got to be part of a group where women support one another. I used to be scared to just go for the things I want to do because I was anxious of people judging me, but with the push I got from the SHEeo Society, it made me build a business and made me realize that people will support me no matter what.

    Tiarra De Soto, SHEeo of 180 Management Consulting

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