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Expanded Clarity Module - Business Idea Manifestation ✨

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The SHEeo’s Expanded Clarity Module is a 4-day business idea manifesting modules to take at your own pace. It aims to make business ideas known to the SHEeo. It will allow you to realize your strengths, interests, values, and passions that will fuel you to create your own brand.

The CLARITY MODULE is also known as #SHEeoPrompts and is part of the SHEeo’s Tell-All Masterclass program. These prompts are sent to the SHEeos two weeks prior Masterclass to prepare them in achieving both self and business clarity.

And now, we made it accessible so you get to feel how we do it in the Masterclass!

After four fruitful days, we guarantee that you’ll achieve self and business clarity.

You’ll know what new venture to pursue and finally own your well-deserved success!

  • Expanded Clarity Module Short Course Access with books, playlists, podcasts, videos, and articles to keep you company
  • 30 Minute Clarity Call with The SHEeo Sharmaine Ann Uy
  • 4 Printable The SHEeo Worksheets 


  • Day 1: The SHEeo Slambook
  • Day 2: Creative Visualization
  • Day 3: Find Your Why Worksheet
  • Day 4: The SHEeo Success Planner