The program that launched them all is back this fall! 

From your personal story, your brand personality, your target audience, your unique offers, your positioning, your values, your industry knowledge, to your consumer experience – we’re covering them all! So you too can manifest the brand of your dreams and become your own SHEeo!

The Tell-All Program is a Comprehensive & Intuitive Business Planning program that tells it all. This program will give you the confidence to finally manifest your dream business, be your own SHEeo, and attain the SHEeo success you deserve!

Wondering if this is perfect for you?

Here's a closer look on how we'll do it together:

Your Brand is more than your logo.

It's also about your story, your purpose, and your solutions you want to share to the world. We're covering The Basics of Branding. And logo design is just a part of this, what we're talking about is the story you want to convey, putting a limelight to your genuine intentions and purpose, and the solutions that you want to share to the world.

Your Brand is all about that emotional connection with your audience.

Get to know your audience at a deeper level, engage them through meaningful conversations, and build your own tribe of loyal advocates. We're sharing with you our Advance Target Marketing and Consumer Profiling methods, so that you'll be able to connect with your audience well and communicate your intentions efficiently.

Your Brand is also about the quality of your offers, the value, the solution, and the accessibility.

We're tackling everything from your product/service offers, pricing, distribution, promotions, to the over-all experience. Because believe it or not a good brand looks into their offers first and see if it's a good product-market fit.

Your Brand is about owning your space and positioning yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.

We're capitalizing on your innate knowledge of the industry in order to be an authority in your own space. We're reviewing your Industry and at the same time find a Unique Positioning for your brand. And while it's good to that intuition, it's also a plus for a SHEeo to be well-versed and an expert in her chosen field.

Your Brand is all about consistently creating memorable consumer experiences.

We're giving you an insiders look into officially launching a digital business. and how you can align both the online and offline experiences. We're building your systems and funnels as we go. We’re laying it all out in front you so you can intentionally build your own consumer experience that will enable you to successfully launch a brand of your own.

      How can you join this high-value program?

      You can choose between a fast track program which will be finished on the 4th week.

      Or take the full program which you can finish within 8 weeks!

      But wait, there's more...

      • 90-Minutes Weekly Group Sessions with The SHEeo Maine Uy
      • Lifetime Club Membership to The SHEeo Society Clubhouse
      • 6 Monthly Group Consultation Support post Masterclass for your clarity moving forward
      • Private Facebook Group to catch up on all the sessions you've missed
      • 2021 Edition Tell-All Handbook
      • Tell-All Program Course Completion Certificate
      • Tell-All Brand Template will be building as you go, so you can create your Business Profile
      • All-Access to our Exclusive Modules

      Comes with a Lifetime Club Membership to The SHEeo Society

      We've made it more accessible for you!

      All Programs are payable within 12 months and it's interest free!

      Are you ready to attain your well-deserved success and be your own SHEeo?

      • Pursue your true purpose and calling
      • Answer to your calling and inner voice
      • Call the shots and have the time freedom
      • Confidently show up as your highest self.
      • Charge your true worth, create more value, income, and impact to finally get what you deserve.
      • Become your own SHEeo


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