"The true power of a SHEeo is the one that comes from her essence, that's when she finally comes home to herself."
Being in the business for years, Sharmaine Ann Uy at such a young age, has already conquered the business world by putting her strong feminine suits at the fore.


Having a degree in B.S. Advertising Management and graduating with honours in De La Salle University, Maine has continued her pursuit in exposing herself across the spectrum by even furthering her skills in acquiring educations in various design disciplines such as Interior Design, Visual Merchandising, Product Development, Retail and Merchandising, and the over-all Business of Fashion and Luxury. Her unique experiences are her leverage and motivation to accomplish more.


A traveller herself, Maine is fearless in putting her distinct and tasteful Creative DNA to every single thing she makes. Some says when she creates, one doesn’t need to know her personally to know that it’s truly her work.


She sees the world differently by allowing her empathy and ideals to guide her through. She's the lioness with raw power that comes from her passions, beauty, pure intent. She rose above it and powered through her vulnerabilities as integral to her growth and in realising her strength. And at the heart of it all is – authenticity. To stay truthful and honest to one's self. It is through her authentic essence that she gets to empower success. But only for those brave enough to seek their truth, their purpose, and their success.


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