"The true power of a SHEeo is the one that comes from her essence, that's when she finally comes home to herself."

Maine Uy is a woman of taste.

A designer and an entrepreneur. She articulates human values and emotions, thus creating her design language producing thoughtful visual experiences for multi-faceted brands since 2013.

After gaining her degree in B.S. Advertising Management in De La Salle University in 2015, Maine established TMC Creative Agency, a creative studio for young collaborators that turned creative visions into innovative solutions. And in 2018, she relaunched her design studio, Atelier Soigné, specializing in premium branding, styled photography, and innovative content marketing for lifestyle and community first brands.

Her growing portfolio includes an impressive roster of brands: The Good Trade, Electric Studio, Bruno’s Barbers, Tipsy Pig, Frank & Dean Coffee, The Frazzled Cook, High Street BGC, Repent MNL, Tonic Shoes, and Twill Cavern.

After going through a burn-out, her strong feminine instincts were the driving force to hone her craft further. In 2019, Maine acquired multiple certifications in various design disciplines such as Interior Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Product Development, Fashion Retail & Merchandising, and the over-all Management of Luxury Brands. She’s also a certified Wine Connoisseur with a WSET Level 1 Award in Wines.

By 2020, Maine became a tasteful force both in design and in business. Her intuitive methods influenced people to embrace vulnerabilities. Thus, forging genuine human connections through the establishment of her women’s club — The SHEeo Society.

Through her eyes, the world is a stage - a metaphor she embodies from her favorite poet William Shakespeare.

She navigates the world by allowing her intentions to guide her through. Some even say when she creates, one doesn’t need to know her personally to recognize her works.

Maine strongly believes that all our stimulating life-changing experiences are what influence great designs. And when perfected, only then can one produce authentic, thoughtful, and inspired designs by applying all these valuable life lessons to your craft.

Finally, Maine, by staying true to herself, challenges traditional business norms and redefines existing design practices. All to fulfill her purpose of building female-led businesses, creating inspired brands, and crafting exquisite designs for women across the globe with authenticity at the heart of it all.

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