"The true power of a SHEeo is the one that comes from her essence, that's when she finally comes home to herself."

Maine Uy is a contemporary Signature Life Designer who taps into the divine qualities of the self. She awakens the senses, cultivates sensibilities, and articulates human values and emotions, thus creating her design language producing thoughtful experiences for multi-faceted personalities, brands, and businesses since 2013.

With a background in branding and various design disciplines such as Interior Design, Fashion Design, and the overall Management of Luxury Brands, Maine became a tasteful force in premium lifestyle businesses. Paving her way to work with aspirational brands such as Laura Mercier Paris, Ayala Malls, World Vision, Common Ground, Manila House, and more.

In 2020, Maine established The SHEeo Society. Through her honesty and brevity, Maine has empowered women entrepreneurs to embrace their authentic selves, find power in their emotions, and leverage this aspect to gain confidence in finally launching a brand of their own.

Finally, Maine, by upholding what is true, challenges traditional standards and redefines success. All to fulfill her purpose of empowering modern women to design their signature touch that would later translate into their lives, styles, and businesses.

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Visit her website or follow her journey through Instagram @mainemoiselle.

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