The Tell-All Private Masterclass

A Private Masterclass sessions on Business Essentials, Branding, and Trade Secrets  Masterclass for SHEeo's looking into launching their own brand.

Our approach is very intimate almost to a personal level!

This Masterclass is perfect for accomplished women – business managers, entrepreneurs, start up founders, or anyone looking into launching their own brand.

The result?

Post masterclass, you will learn the basics of branding, polish your business plans, focus on product/service development, then launch your business within 60 days post Masterclass!

We can do it anytime anywhere as long as you have internet connection and the drive for success!  💫

Choose between your options below.

For an intimate session that will guarantee your launch...

For you and your friends who want to succeed together...

For driven SHEeos who are eager for a successful and profitable launch...

Do you want something more tailor-fit to your needs?

The Elite SHEeo Program is for you!