Business Programs

Here's a collection of all the high value and high intentional Business Masterclass and Sessions we've hosted. 

Some are seasonal.

So keep an eye out, SHEeo!

Self Work Modules ✨


Don't know where to start? At home and struggling to be productive? Don't let the situation dull your SHEeo senses! 💫 
A collection of our The SHEeo's Tell-All Worksheet and Prompts that you can take in the confines of your room and will keep you productive at home. 

The Launch Edit

Introducing The Launch Edit
Perfect for SHEeos who wants to launch or relaunch their brands.
Our intent is to equip you for success and that's why we've decided to share one of our expertise to you  luxury branding and content marketing.

Our design philosophy has always been


To put our distinct taste and keen eye for detail in the creative business process.