I was exploring around the idea of abundantly beginning within. Writing words that are associated with the positivity of starting things over again. Just like most of us, I used to be scared of doing things from scratch, shaping an idea from the ground up. Because as human beings, we are innately frightened of the unknown.

I remember that feeling back then when I can already hear the calling of finally concluding my first venture. It was quite loud and overwhelming, but the sound is faint, almost submerged in the underwater. You’re not sure if the calling is there or not… but deep down inside your heart, you know you have to respond.

In life there are so many decision points where one door leads to another. It’s a cycle we’ve all come to realise that will challenge us from day to day. One decision, no matter how small, can have an infinite amount of outcomes. It sure does sound philosophical. But imagine this, everyday you are presented with a choice to stay where you are or choose the elevated path.

And each time this is what makes a SHEeo.  She bravely embarks on the road less taken. Having that excitement to explore the new things in the unknown.

Because entrepreneurship is the same thing. And this month, we’re sharing with you how to have more openness. To see challenges as a way to be empowered. To openly accept purposeful shifts. To listen without judgements.

We can never truly allow energies to flow unless we are open to it. We can never elevate unless we’re open to new challenges and adventure. When we simply allow, with open arms, to surrender to the Bigger Power from the heavens, to the Divine Feminine in us, and to the Universe.

And it will start within, SHEeo. By simply having that openness to believe that there are far more bigger things in life for you should be enough to keep you going.

Avec Amour,

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The SHEeo Society gave me the confidence and push I needed to grow and elevate. I’ve always second guessed myself when it comes to following my dreams and taking a leap, but Maine and my fellow SHEeos have given me nothing but support.

Lia Nunez, SHEeo of Shop Scrunched Up

This club truly lives up to what they say it is — a safe space for women to share their passion and goals.... Surrounding yourself with that kind of energy really rubs off on you. It’s rare to find an environment like that, and I’m so glad I made the bold move of joining th

Wynonah Duban, SHEeo of Lab Lacquer

It's really a club where everyone shares the same goal... I get help from Maine and her Programs which are super helpful! Bonus part, I get all the positive energy from the other club members as well. They're my motivation aside from my personal goals.

Christine Lo, SHEeo of Gigabite Cookies

Being part of the SHEeo Society made me more confident, made me more intelligent with decisions, and I got to be part of a group where women support one another. I used to be scared to just go for the things I want to do because I was anxious of people judging me, but with the push I got from the SHEeo Society, it made me build a business and made me realize that people will support me no matter what.

Tiarra De Soto, SHEeo of 180 Management Consulting

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