Make the holidays a little more special with these unique finds!

Now more than ever, supporting small businesses is a must. And we know Christmas is nearing so we've scoured good 'ol IG to find unique women-owned brands to give you a gift guide to give to your manito or manita for your upcoming Zoom Christmas parties. Not only are these great gifts to give but you get to support these amazing women with their humble business endeavors and their distinct philanthropic missions too. We've got a good mix of stores to cater to every kind of gift you may need. Some have been around for quite some time while others have been a serendipitous result of this quarantine, but all of them are great gifts to give to make someone's day extra merry.

1. Macaboobs (@macaboobs)

Starting out this list is a cute take on the popular trend of boob-shaped products. Macaboobs has put the bosom print on its macarons and it is one of the most adorable pastries you'll see. But it isn't just a box of delectable Parisian dessert staple, it’s also a box for breast cancer awareness and women empowerment. They believe that the macarons "represent all the women that have survived breast cancer, are battling with breast cancer, and have lost to breast cancer." So for every box you buy, they donate 15% of the proceeds to I Can Serve, a breast cancer foundation that spreads awareness on early detection of breast cancer and other breast cancer awareness and assistance projects.


2. The Arui (@thearui)

First on our list that falls under the quarantine-born brands, Arui is a passion project owned by three sisters. They offer home decor-centered dried and preserved flowers. Their creations are a balance of fun, bright, and elegant without being crazy expensive. They have an assortment of products you can choose from too— from tasteful minimalist flower arrangements to a curated box of flora. The latest addition to their catalogue is a set of uniquely-designed Christmas flower ornaments you can give out (or use for your own holiday house decoration). We'd honestly keep them up all year round.


3. Nû Antí (@nu_anti)

Albums may not be as common as it once was but we've found the new way of giving someone the gift of music. Imagine being able to store your favorite song into a keychain or a plaque. That's exactly what Nû Antí's does! They put a QR code on a customized keychain or music plaque so you can have or gift tangible music.


4. Wellsmith (

Wellsmith is your local wholesome shop. Thoughtfully curated, this brand is home to a selection of products like almond and soy milk, premium nut butters, supergrains, and smoothie kits for those who want to live intentional lifestyles. It's a great gift to someone who wants to incorporate healthier alternatives to their diets. They even offer curated boxes so you won't need to worry about wrapping it!


5. New Town Vintage (@newtownvintage)

Got a fashion-loving giftee? New Town Vintage's got curated vintage bags and scarves. They're a slow fashion brand so it's a great way to give someone something unique and sustainable, without compromising good style. 


6. Olk Candle (@olkcandle)

For self-care loving folks, these pretty hand-poured candles from Olk Candle is the gift. Taking inspiration from the name Old Lighthouse Keeper, their candles are made with 100% soy flakes imported from South Korea. They're also vegan-friendly with ingredients made from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flower oil. Make sure to grab the variant that you want quickly because once a variant runs out, they don't restock! 


7. Hiraya Jewelry (@hirayajewelry)

Buying several fun jewelry may be nice but having classic pieces that will last you a long time is a good investment too. Hiraya Fine Jewelry is a brand that has a combination of curated and bespoke fine jewelry pieces crafted by Filipino goldsmiths. They're meant for daily wear so whether you're giving it to someone dear or just gifting it to yourself, you'll really get the best bang for your buck.


8. Dirty Pink (

If you have someone in your gift list who has a knack for knick knacks, Dirty Pink is your store. A hobby that was picked up in college and re-discovered in this quarantine by the owner, these raunchy little trinkets are a fun gift to give this holiday season. They use polymer clays and resins and everything is handmade so your purchases are surely made with extra love and attention. 


9. Earyu (

Anything personalized will always be a great gift! These accessories from Earyu are made out of polymer clay and locally-made. You can even order a special set and have your very own customized design to give to your girlfriends. It's definitely a fuss-free way of giving loved ones a special token.


10. Koda & Co. (

This Cebu-based brand is perfect for your friends who have fur babies. They're a modern pet care and lifestyle brand that offer premium services and products like organic dog essentials and accessories. They're vegan and cruelty-free too!

Written by Chin Ann Obiedo

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