August 2021 – Unlearning

Together, we'll learn how to unlearn, let go of our unwanted patterns, identify the things that hold us back, and make peace with everything that no longer serves our purpose. Unlearning –– August...

July 2021 – Openness

And it will start within, SHEeo. By simply having that openness to believe that there are far more bigger things in life for you should be enough to keep you going. Openness – July 2021 Club Acti...

June 2021 – Integrity

This month of June we intend to help you have more integrity. For you to stand your ground as a modern woman, as your highest self, as a true SHEeo, all with grace, compassion, and authenticity. In...

May 2021 – Bloom For You

Perhaps this month of May, is all about answering those outdoor voices calling you to leave the digital world, to reconnect with nature, and to feel alive again. Bloom For You – May 2021 Club Acti...

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